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Turn-based Computer RPG Ranking

I'm presently trying to work on some game jams, but I never seem to finish.

I made several games 10-15 years ago that don't work properly on high resolution displays. Here's some information about them:

Nanotron is a 2d game that is basically Breakout rethemed to have the bricks be germs that move like Space Invaders.
Lucky's Puzzle Carnival
Lucky's Puzzle Carnival is a 2d game featuring 3 different puzzle games: Color Mix, Memory Search, and Unmix. There's some issues with the interface.
Rabbits is a 2d rpg that is "complete" in the sense that it has an arbitrary set of systems clumped together. The game suddenly ends because the final area was never made. The map editor was awesome, but... it's broken.
Ecoheroes (I didn't bother to dig up screenshots.)
Ecoheroes is a 2d shoot-em-up that was supposed to be like Actraiser's simulation phase. It's more like a slow version of Gauntlet.

I also made a variety of incomplete games, mostly RPGs. They're not worth talking about.

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